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Nonprofit Endowment Partners

What is a Nonprofit Endowment Partner?

An organization that established an endowment(s) with the Community Foundation or one of its Affiliate Foundations and receives a 4.5% annual payout from their fund to use as they see fit. 

How do Nonprofit Endowments Work?

Your organization’s assets are pooled with the Community Foundation’s assets, which now exceed $93.4 million. This practice allows for greater efficiency and protection against fluctuations in market value, as well as enhanced earning power. All assets are under the oversight of experienced, professional investment managers.

Over time, earnings from your endowment will provide a steady stream of resources, enabling your organization to accumulate funds for renewal and enhancements of facilities and equipment, carry out long-term planning, respond effectively to unmet needs, or meet any unexpected shortfalls in 

normal operating support that occurs from time to time.

Each year, a portion of the investment earnings is available for your organization to use to meet your ever-changing needs. However, if an individual donor wishes to direct his or her endowment gift to a particular purpose, it is possible to do so within the Community Foundation. Any restrictions on a gift should be discussed with both the Community Foundation and your organization to ensure the donor’s wishes can be carried out.

Visit Investment Stategy to learn more about how we manage nonprofit endowments or visit Types of Funds to download a Nonprofit Endowment Agreement form.

All gifts to your organization’s endowment are tax deductible to the full extent of both federal and state law. In addition, Iowa taxpayers may qualify for an Endow Iowa Tax Credit for 25% of the value of their gift.


Benefits of being an Endowment Partner

Provides your organization a secure, permanent source of funds for the enrichment of programs and for the stability of your organization's services.

Increases giving opportunities for interested donors by offering gift annuities, real estate gifts, charitable remainder trusts, and other complex forms of gift arrangements.

Eliminates costly and time-consuming audit and tax reporting requirements.

Improves investment opportunities and lowers investments costs.Provides your organization access to the Community Foundation's staff expertise.

Click here to read more about one of our current Nonprofit Endowment Partners and the great things they are doing through endowment building! There are currently 172 Nonprofit Endowment Partners working with the Community Foundation!


For more information on ways to establish a Nonprofit Endowment, contact a member of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend’s experienced staff by calling 563-326-2840 or emailing
To view a list of our current Endowment Partners, click here