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Quad Cities Cultural Trust Endowment

$100.00 contributions
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Founded in 2007 to meet the operating deficits of five core cultural non-profits – Figge Art Museum, Putnam Museum & Science Center, Quad City Botanical Center, Quad City Symphony, and River Music Experience -  the Quad Cities Cultural Trust finds its support has added benefits.  The supported organizations agree that QCCT grants provide them with stability that builds legitimacy and strength, and encourages other investment of funds and time from the community.  Operations are strengthened, programming is enhanced, and the QCCT fosters accountability and collaboration among them.

“In 2007 the Botanical Center was within weeks of closing to the public – the formation of the QCCT, and the distribution of the first gift turned the tide for our organization. Increased stability enabled Botanical Center to refinance its debt, with great savings.”
-Ami Jenkins, Executive Director, Quad City Botanical Center
“QCCT brings the leadership of the five supported organizations together to discuss our common goals and challenges, encouraging us to work together to strengthen the relevance of cultural attractions. Also, the reporting requirements of QCCT make us more aware of our effectiveness as an organization. We are working to develop better metrics to communicate the value of our organization.”
-Tim Schiffer, Executive Director, Figge Art Museum
QCCT’s original funders – John Deere Foundation, Bechtel Trusts, and Hubbell-Waterman Foundation – wanted to create an arts and culture scene in the region that citizens and businesses could count on and enjoy for generations.  The endowed fund provides the permanence needed to achieve that goal; now our partnership with CFGRB enhances our ability to permanently serve the community.

“Our legacy gift to QCCT’s endowed fund memorializes our family’s long-standing support of the arts and culture in the Quad Cities. The Trust will continue in perpetuity to build cultural opportunities in the Quad Cities region not only for our own grandchildren, but for generations to come.”
-Charlotte Capen Foster, The Mel and Charlotte Foster Family Trusts 
Sherry R donated $100.00

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Celebrating Dick Bittner's 90th Birthday and all he has done for the Quad Cities! THANK YOU DICK!