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Fulton Gardens Fund

$2,530.00 contributions
15 donors
Thank you for sharing Gerry Kopf's passion for beautifying Fulton. Through your donation you are helping to assure that Fulton's public gardens get the care and feeding they need. 
Gerhart A. "Gerry" Kopf spent much of his professional career in the agriculture/nursery field.  Through his Bald Eagle Nursery he became known for his expertise in ornamental grasses and hostas.  Over several decades, Gerry established and helped maintain many beautiful gardens in Fulton which included grasses, and tulip and daffodil beds.  Through this endowment, initially funded by memorials from Gerry's family and friends, he is honored and remembered for his efforts and passion in beautifying Fulton.  His legacy will continue by providing this source of funds to help maintain Fulton's public garden spaces. 
Top priority is to support existing public garden spaces in Fulton, IL, and especially those in which Gerry played a role.  Depending on the amount available for granting, new public garden space may also be eligible for funding.
kyle k donated $50.00
Pam and Glenn G donated $100.00
Kyle K donated $30.00
Pam G donated $100.00
Kyle K donated $50.00
Glenn and Pam G donated $200.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


In memory of Dad for his 99th birthday


Love our public gardens, want them to prosper, hope for more!


In memory of Gerhart Kopf on what would have been his 95th birthday.