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The Historic Jipp Center Endowment Fund

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The Jipp Center is owned and operated by Gateway Redevelopment Group (GRG). GRG is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose mission is saving the abandoned buildings in Davenport's Hamburg Historic District. These efforts are supported by a wide variety of organizations, businesses and people throughout the Quad City area through their donations of money, goods and services. Together we have been able to help achieve not just the restoration of “The Jipp” but progress in the revitalization of the whole neighborhood as well.


In 2004, the Jipp Home and Grocery, having been abandoned since the early 1980's, severely deteriorated, and with no rehabilitation plan in place, became the number one priority for demolition for the city of Davenport.  The complex of two buildings was one of a handful of commercial buildings ever built in the Hamburg Historic District neighborhood. The District, since being placed in the National Register of Historic Places in the 1980's, had already lost over fifty buildings to fire or demolition. Neighbors rallied and formed Gateway Redevelopment Group to save "The Jipp."  Donations of money and volunteer assistance by neighbors and local businesses, along with grants from the Riverboat Development Authority, the State Historical Society of Iowa and the QC Housing Cluster enabled restoration of the building. 
Today, it houses the Architectural Rescue Shop (ARS), a caretaker apartment and a neighborhood history room. The ARS is run by volunteers who salvage architectural items from buildings being renovated or demolished in the area; these items are then sold to raise money to sustain the building and help GRG in saving other abandoned buildings. 

Our Goal

The goal of The Historic Jipp Center Fund is to provide the financial means to allow the Jipp Center to continue serving the community for future generations. 
GRGs board recognizes that priorities within communities change and that the inspiration that generated the founding of our organization or the goals that drive its activity may shift over time. What will stand the test of time and has done so since 1868 is the Jipp Building itself. As caretakers of this historic structure, whatever its future uses may be, the members of Gateway Redevelopment Group believe that establishing an endowment fund with the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend is the best way to insure its future of serving the neighborhood.

To help build the endowment fund, a portion of each year's ARS sales are donated to the fund. GRG welcomes all donations and memorials from the public for anyone seeking to find ways to show their support of local historic preservation, Davenport's German heritage and the revitalization of downtown Davenport.
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