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Philip Czachowski Memorial Scholarship

$3,330.00 contributions
7 donors
Thank you for considering a donation to the Philip A. Czachowski Memorial Scholarship!
Donations fund the Philip A. Czachowski Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a graduating senior at Pleasant Valley High School.  This scholarship is a part of the Pleasant Valley Schools Educational Foundation.  Its mission is to provide a scholarship to every deserving senior at PVHS.  The Philip A. Czachowski Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student involved in the community and school activities with a desire to reach his or her full potential.  Thank you for your donation!

The Philip Czachowski Memorial Scholarship was established by Philip’s family in 1998. Had he not passed away from cancer at the age of 5, Philip would have walked the stage at graduation that spring with the Pleasant Valley High School class of 1998. Despite his young age while alive, Philip had an undeniable passion for books and spent countless hours reading Dr. Seuss, The Bernstein Bears, and especially Sesame Street where he developed a special love for the character Big Bird. This love for books allowed Philip to be able to experience things that he would never live to be able to do as he spent endless hours inside hospital walls. Philip could travel to far-away places, learned to laugh and cry with his reading buddies and have the same adventures as any other child could have.
This love for reading created in Philip, an excitement for starting kindergarten at Cody Elementary. While he was never able to attain that aspiration, he still had the same dreams as most 5 year olds, he wanted to ride the bus to school, to play soccer, to be able to run fast, to find the end of a rainbow, to paint and draw, and to get into trouble. He was blessed to be surrounded by a strong community, loving family, friends, and dedicated volunteers and medical personnel throughout his illness. These individuals helped Philip’s short life become as full as it could be as they provided love and support, helped fuel his imagination and nurtured his love for books that he cherished so deeply.


Within one of the many books Philip so dearly loved, was a message from Dr. Seuss that simply said “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened,” and it was this saying, above all things, that captured Philip’s life. The constant grin planted on Philip’s face and his undeniable optimism towards even the most difficult of times, left all who met him smiling even after his untimely death. It is this optimism, love of life and desire to help others that are qualities we look for when awarding the scholarship.
This is a $2,000 scholarship for tuition given out over four years. It’s one of 70 given to PVHS graduating seniors by the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation.  Since its start in 1998, the scholarship has been awarded to eighteen students, directly impacting their continued education. Your donation will allow this scholarship to continue.
by Anonymous donated $1,000.00
Jeffrey P donated $50.00
Daniel and Janet H donated $30.00
Randy and Jenny S donated $50.00
Anna H donated $200.00
by Anonymous donated $1,000.00

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In memory of Margaret Mohr.


In loving of Maggie Mohr