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John P. Bowe Memorial Scholarship

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Thank you for considering a donation to the John P. Bowe Memorial Scholarship.

Donations fund the John P. Bowe Scholarship, awarded to a graduating senior at Pleasant Valley High School. This scholarship is a part of the Pleasant Valley Schools Educational Foundation.  Its mission is to provide a scholarship to every deserving senior at PVHS.  The John P. Bowe Scholarship is awarded to a student interested in pursuing a career working with mentally and/or physically handicapped individuals or mental health care. Thank you for your donation!

Born August 23, 1948, John Bowe was severely mentally handicapped and somewhat physically impaired due to a condition which would label him as an “RH baby.” Parents with opposite blood antigens, (one positive, one negative) can produce offspring with this condition unless the fetus is transfused in the womb to match the mother’s antigen. This knowledge, and the procedure to correct the condition, came a few years too late for Johnny.

John’s death came suddenly and tragically when he choked on a mid-morning snack at the HDC workshop. They were unable to clear his airway and he was without oxygen for too long. Three days later, on July 31, 2008, he passed away quietly at Genesis West.

John P. Bowe was a man who was never in the public eye; a man who never had the chance to achieve greatness, to have a family, to build a legacy. The love of all who knew him will be his legacy, as will be this scholarship, which will bear his name forever.


James E. and Carol A. Bowe established this scholarship for the benefit of graduating Pleasant Valley seniors to honor and remember James’ brother, John, a kind and gentle soul whose only sin was to be born a few years too early.


This is a $1,000 scholarship, one of 70 given to PVHS graduating seniors by the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation.  Since its start in 2009, the scholarship has been awarded to six students, directly impacting their continued education. Your donation will allow this scholarship to continue.

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