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Family Resources Inc. Endowment

$11,550.00 contributions
7 donors
Family Resources has been working to make our communities stronger since 1849. We could not do this work without the support we receive from contributions throughout the year. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank each of the generous foundations, corporations and individual donors that have supported our work. For us, these gifts are more than money for a specific project or service. They are a validation that you believe in our mission and in our ability to achieve it. They are a statement of your investment in our work. And we are grateful to have you as partners.
In 1849, a compassionate group of women, led by Annie Wittenmyer, answered a call to action.  They saw the suffering of their neighbors immigrating along the eastern side of Iowa in small villages up and down the river and felt an obligation to help.  They provided resources and support to families in need by giving of themselves and compelling others to do the same.  Their collective efforts laid the foundation for the mission that is our driving passion today at Family Resources – strengthening children, families and individuals by providing quality services that engage community resources to create effective solutions.  
Family Resources is a nonprofit organization that provides a safe place for children, individuals and families.  Most of the people that come to us have suffered physical and emotional trauma caused by domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, or mental health issues.  We help them heal and restore their lives.  We believe that by mending a broken life or a broken family, we make the communities we serve stronger. 
We are a Multi-Service organization serving approximately 30,000 clients annually.  We provide service in ten counties in eastern Iowa (from Dubuque down to Keokuk) and three counties in western Illinois (Rock Island, Henry and Mercer).  A summary of our services includes:  24 Hour Foster Group Care for Children, Alternative Education, Foster Parent Recruitment and Training, Mental Health Counseling and Therapy, Domestic Violence Counseling and Shelter, Sexual Assault Counseling and Shelter, Parenting Education and Child Welfare Monitoring.
Our community is facing a critical challenge.  Governmental funding for services essential to the safety of children, women and families are under enormous pressure.  Now more than ever, we need partners.  Your gift can help protect a child from horrific acts of physical or sexual abuse.  Your gift can help keep a woman fleeing from domestic violence safe.  Your gift can help a man struggling with depression get back on his feet.  Your gift makes you a partner in our work; preserving our safety net of services for those that need them.  Please invest in your community by making a gift to our endowment.  It's a strong statement of your priorities - one that we value deeply.  Together, we will achieve a caring community of healthy families.

Mike A donated $3,000.00
Mike A donated $2,000.00
Michael A donated $2,000.00
Michael A donated $2,000.00
Jane and Mike S donated $1,250.00
Mike and Jane A donated $750.00

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