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FACE Community Impact Endowment

$2,965.00 contributions
20 donors
Because the Community Impact Endowment is the all-purpose fund that can provide grants to any of the charitable organizations and services supporting Fulton, IL, your donation to this fund can help EVERYONE in town in some way.  Thank you so much for your gift and your interest in seeing great things happen in Fulton.
The FACE Community Impact Endowment was begun in 2007 by a small group of Fulton citizens to create a permanent source of grant money for Fulton's non-profits.   Since then, other contributors have given donations to the fund or left some of their estate to this fund.  It is hoped that this fund will grow much larger over time through additional donations and estate gifts as well as investment growth.  That way, it  will be able to more substantially support worthwhile causes within the community forever.  
This fund provides a way for everyone to make a difference.  Contributions of every size contribute to its growth and allow Fulton's non-profits to address not only the needs of today, but the challenges of tomorrow.  This fund encourages Fultonians (and anyone else who cares about Fulton) to provide a lasting legacy LOCALLY.
The  FACE Community Impact Endowment is a general purpose granting fund.  That means that ALL charitable and non-profit groups working in Fulton are eligible to request grant funds to help them achieve their local goals.  This is made possible because of individuals, families, groups and organizations who donate assets to this fund for the benefit of the entire community--today and permanently.  
Because of the generous donations of many people who care passionately about Fulton, this fund has been able to make an average of 8 grants per year.  Approximately 20 different organizations have benefited so far--among them are the schools, library, historical society, windmill area, community center, civic organizations, nursing home, and churches.  Every additional gift to this fund allows more or larger grants to be made to support so much that makes Fulton a great community.
Heidi K donated $25.00
by Anonymous donated $100.00
by Anonymous donated $140.00
Cheryl P donated $50.00
Jean W donated $100.00
LARRY H donated $100.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


In Memory of Martha Kiger


In memory of an admirable community leader, Bill Brinkman.


In memory of Bill Brinkman. He was a friend and an asset to the entire Fulton community. He will be missed in downtown Fulton. Sincerely,


Happy 40th wedding anniversary, Ron and Connie!