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Deborah R. Menke Scholarship

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Thank you for considering a donation to the Deborah R. Menke Scholarship!
Donations fund the Deborah R. Menke Scholarship, awarded to a graduating senior at Pleasant Valley High School.  This scholarship is a part of the Pleasant Valley Schools Educational Foundation.  Its mission is to provide a scholarship to every deserving senior at PVHS.  The Deborah R. Menke Scholarship is awarded to a student who is a self-directed learner, problem-solver and team builder inside and outside of the classroom. Thank you for your donation!


Deb Menke began her professional career in 1972 as a teacher at North Scott High School. She taught from 1972 through 1989 as well as coached both volleyball and basketball. In 1989 she was asked by the North Scott administration to take on the responsibilities of Activities Director for the high school. She was in this position until 1997. In 1997, she left North Scott and took the Associate Principal position at Pleasant Valley High School. She held that position from 1997 until 2000, at which time she became the Principal of Pleasant Valley High School.
During her teaching career she took both volleyball and basketball teams to the state tournament multiple times, winning the state championship in volleyball in 1985 and was named Coach of the Year.
During her career, Deb has earned recognition and awards in the following areas at each
- 1993 earned the Iowa High School Athletic Director of the Year.
- 2001 named Southeast Iowa Associate Principal of the Year.
- 2005 received the Southeast Iowa Principal of the Year Award.
- 2009 received the Bernie Saggau Award from the Iowa High School Athletic Association – the first time this prestigious award has been given to a woman since its inception.
At whatever position or level, Deb Menke has given her all. Her work ethic and dedication goes beyond the call of duty. 

This scholarship is meant to represent those characteristic traits that Deb lives day in and day out:  hard work, dedication, giving your best effort everyday no matter what the situation
might be.


This is a $1,000 scholarship, one of 70 given to PVHS graduating seniors by the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation.  Since its start in 2010, the scholarship has been awarded to five students, directly impacting their continued education.  Your donation will allow this scholarship to continue.

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