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A dedication was made to: Memory of Bob Feldt--Volunteer Miller by Constance K
Message: Bob was always willing to help out.  More...

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Recent Donations

  • Continental Cement Company Goode says:

    A donation from Continental Cement Company in Buffalo, IA.

  • Kate Robb Morgan Grundstad says:

    So glad we got to know Will.

  • Constance Koehn says:

    Bob Feldt gave a lot back to his community and will be missed.

  • Michael Huff says:

    Both of your parents were drs. for myr family. Your mother was pediatrician to both our children. We're sorry for your loss.

  • Ann Kappeler says:

    In honor of Tri Delta friendship from the family of Jean Holloway

  • anne wignall says:

    Bob Hughes was my Dad's cousin and a wonderful man that we all admired. May his family have comfort. Sincerely, Anne Hughes Wignall

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